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Our Comprehensive Program covers all aspects as specified below which is designed to BUILD OUR CLIENT'S BUSINESS

...all effectively coordinated under one umbrella

Land Search & Acquisition
Evaluation occurs on a daily basis. This includes tracking subdivisions (both small and large) in the process with all of the municipalities throughout the Metropolitan area. We track listed property regularly in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). We communicate regularly with real estate developers, engineers, estate managers, property owners, and the like, to procure land with subdivision potential. We perform timely feasibility studies to provide the information necessary to proceed to contract. We have extensive experience in the negotiation process and prepare contracts of sale for our clients.

Builder Sales, Marketing, Staffing & Promotion, Preparation and Presentation of Contract Agreements
Full direct services include:

- staffing, training, and management of sales team
- computerized prospect-tracking and follow-up program
- in-house production of all sales and marketing materials, brochures, wall displays, web site design and management
- in-house advertising
- camera-ready design and placement, with the benefit of agency discount to the Builder
- coordination of model home furnishings
- all other necessary builder and subdivision promotional efforts

all coordinated by Pinnacle.

In-House Architectural Services
Our Team includes a Professional Design Consultant and an Architectural Engineer. We have a defined 7-Step Program to take the client from concept and feasibility, through the entire design process. This culminates in a set of stamped architecturals and a professional, detailed set of specifications ready for contract, bid and permit application. All of this is accomplished in a timely and economical fashion. We design and draft architectural drawings and specifications in both custom and production home building applications with multiple elevations and options.

Custom Builder Marketing Program
We have designed a Custom Builder Sales and Marketing Program to grow and expand business based on perception in the marketplace. We evaluate and enhance marketing materials, design web sites, brochures, displays and other marketing medias. We build databases that are used to communicate with prospects on an ongoing basis. We assign a trained sales representative while the customer enjoys a full menu of turnkey services, all accomplished from lot search to feasibility, design and complete architectural drawings and reduced commissions on the sale of their existing residence.


The key to success in new home sales is the creation of an environment that motivates the buying decision. Positive and uplifting presentation of the product has to touch the prospective buyer. Many factors play into the formula of ultimate success. At Pinnacle, all efforts are coordinated and executed in-house.

> Market analysis to determine feasibility of a project.
> Selection and design of the optimal architectural product and mix.
> Model park design and layout including exterior trap and landscaping to interior decorating.
> Design and implementation on ancillary materials such as web site, signage, brochures, presentation boards, etc.
> Identification of target market, media planning, design and placement within budgetary guidelines and preparation of systems to monitor the effectiveness of such advertising.
> Staffing on-site with qualified and trained personnel that project a positive image for our clients.

The design and coordination of a marketing campaign includes a suitable community theme, logo and colors; dynamic model home furnishings; brochures that convey a positive message - and the list goes on. Ultimately laying the groundwork that leads to one result:


The fact we handle each and every aspect is an assurance that the presentation is coordinated and complementary.


Goals Our purpose is to serve and promote the success of our clients. We conduct intense screening to ensure we provide sales personnel that meet the specific needs of our clientele. We design a marketing plan setting aggressive goals and measure our success based on abilities to achieve such goals.
Coordination We pride ourselves on the ability to provide all services necessary to promote the success of a project. In doing so, the elements are complementary and all play a role in promoting sales from the installation of a trailer, design of a brochure, signage, inhouse interior decorating and furnishing for model homes; advertising design, and coordination to ratification and follow through to closing of that final contract. Our clients are assured FIRST CLASS SERVICE!
Professionalism At Pinnacle, we understand that presentation of the product and conduct are a direct reflection up on our client. We take the measures necessary to promote a positive image. Going beyond simply what the prospective purchaser can see. We conduct business honestly, accurately and with respect for those with whom we deal.

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