It All Begins With The Land

Presenting a parcel of land for purchase or sale goes well beyond furnishing information simply related to location, number of lots and price. Sensitivity to the seemingly endless external factors is paramount to providing the service our clients demand and deserve.

> Understanding market demographics to evaluate a parcel based on its proposed use and price.
> Taking into account current status with respect to governmental approvals as well as conditions imposed on development by such authorities.
> Awareness of proposed legislation that might potentially effect development.
> Sensitivity to banking and equity requirements or guidelines that effect project feasibility from a financial standpoint.
> Assessing development responsibilities and determining associated costs.

Pinnacle Builder Sales & Marketing provides a multi-faceted feasibility study that touches all the bases outlined above. This study culminates with a cost and profit analysis projecting absorption and profit based upon project assumptions. This service is beneficial to those buying or selling land, and we serve both.

Consultation services are available to provide professional, independent advice. Such services are of value to banks and investment groups in evaluating raw property for purchase.

Our service simply furnishes the concise and accurate data necessary to base an informed decision on whether to move or pass on a parcel of land.

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